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We are a team of scientists, doctors, and engineers who are dedicated to helping you navigate your cancer diagnosis. We are here to help you understand your diagnosis, treatment options, and the latest research in cancer care. We provide you with the information and support you need to make informed decisions about your care. We are committed to helping you live your best life, no matter what your diagnosis may be

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Our services

clinical trials

Clinical trials

We guide you in selecting the most promising trials tailored to your specific cancer diagnosis.

scientist work

Scientific expertise

Benefit from our profound understanding of cancer research and treatments

full attention

Full attention

Experience bespoke support tailored to your unique journey.



Streamline the complexities of managing your cancer treatment with our logistical support

test results interpretation

Test results interpretation

Gain clarity on your cancer diagnosis with our expert interpretation of test results



Access our network of cancer specialists, treatment centers, and care resources

How We Help

Get in touch

Our team will reach out to you to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your diagnosis and give an outlook on next steps.

Review your case

Our team of experts will review your medical records and test results to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your cancer diagnosis. You will receive a personalised and understandable summary, which our physician will discuss in a (video) call with you to ensure that everything is clear.

Develop a plan

Based on our assessment, we will develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Support and guidance

Throughout your treatment journey, our team will provide you with the support and guidance you need to navigate your cancer diagnosis with confidence.

Tiobe Health provides the following services:

  • Find the best possible treatment option for one cancer patient at a time, based on scientific and clinical criteria.
  • Decipher difficult to understand medical diagnosis and pathology reports and thus help decrease feelings of shock and anxiety in people facing a new cancer diagnosis.
  • Explain the basics of cancer disease-mechanisms, staging, and prognosis in easy to understand lay-term language
  • Save valuable time by researching and reviewing the plethora of treatment information, medical literature, available clinical trials and other online-information.
  • Provide a personalized summary of this information that will help the patient in making an informed treatment decision.
  • Help in selecting the best available Medical Oncologist and Cancer Center based on publication records, clinical, and research credentials
  • Accompany the patient to physician appointments to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of information received.
  • Provide ongoing support to increase your productivity during initial testing, diagnosis and treatment period, giving hope, and help save you valuable time for things that matter most: Family & Friends.

Tiobe Health does NOT provide the following services:

  • Practice medicine (including, but not limited to: ordering routine tests, making a diagnosis, prescribing medications and administering actual treatment)
  • Insurance expertise, home care, and psychosocial support. However, we will of course do our best to refer you to the appropriate organisations.
  • Funding for treatment, but we can explore options for access to relevant therapies.
  • Schedule physician appointments.

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