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Discover Tiobe Health, the service providing clear information about cancer and treatment options, for patients and their loved ones.

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Being burdened with cancer is challenging without the resources needed to make informed decisions. Let us bring you to the forefront of clinical science and facilitate faster access to clear information that are beyond the standard of care.

We strive to collaborate with your oncologist by adding the necessary scientific approach to your existing medical care. We provide you with the latest information on cancer and treatment options, so you can make informed decisions about your care.

Have you received a cancer diagnosis?

Or are you facing an important decision in your cancer treatment? It is overwhelming, and you probably get a lot of information, which may be difficult to understand or even conflicting.

Do you want reliable answers to your questions?

We can cut through the confusion, offer clarity on your options, treatment guidelines, and the latest developments in cancer therapies.

We listen to your story.

We research the scientific information, and provide you with personalised answers, so that you can make well-considered decisions together with your treatment team.

How Tiobe Health Helps

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Reach out through email, phone or the contact button here below. Someone can also contact us on your behalf with your permission.

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You will have an initial call with one of our physicians or scientists to discuss your concerns and questions. When the question is very specific and does not require a review of your medical records, we may answer it directly via email, with the option of having a call later if you wish.

Thorough research

To find the answers to your questions, our team of scientists and doctors reviews your medical records and conducts the necessary research using international guidelines, scientific publications, and clinical trial database.

Personalised answers

You will receive a personalised and understandable summary, which our physician will discuss in a (video) call with you to ensure that everything is clear.

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We help patients, only at their explicit request, with the protection of their private data, in their search for information, with the aim of better understanding the disease and treatment options, so that each individual patient can make informed decisions together with his or her doctor.

We work independently, without (preliminary) judgment, based on publicly available scientific data.